What’s Chaining you Down?

Life is full of ups and downs, that can either wear or tear us down physically. It seems that we as people let STRESS interfere with our success. Let me say that stress is one of the BIGGEST issues we tend to deal with. Whether someone dear has passed on, losing hope of finding a job, not having enough money for ourselves or family, living statuses, and the progression of bills. All of these things mentioned are related to our emotions. If you really think about it, we control what surrounds US. The situations we face in life are fragile, but its up to us to figure out a strategy to uplift ourselves. Now I’m not saying you can’t grieve over a loved one, or even get angry over finances. The way you think has a lot to do with how you handle things. For instance, if your loved one(s) has passed on, you simply place it in your heart and mind, that he/she wants you to excel higher, and to live a prosperous life. This is called logical thinking. We know that living life isn’t forever; So why not live to make a difference for ourselves, and the way we do certain things?  On the other hand, finances, living statuses, and bills work in the same order. Like I’ve said before, we control what surrounds us. You have to REALLY think about what you can do differently to benefit yourself in the future. So, start small, and keep a list of your expenses. Then do the configuring! If you aren’t adjusted to making a list, get on Amazon, and start seeking  financial books. If that doesn’t work go to your public library and seek books from there. Then if you’re like, “I don’t want to hit the library or read,” hit YouTube. There are tons of videos you can watch numerously.  Changing things around in life is different, but is possible, if you just apply yourself! “Nothing in this world will ever be given to you.” I know you’ve heard this over, and over again. That’s because its true! We have to DO the WORK for adequate results. If you aren’t happy where you live change it! If money is funny, figure out a solution to promote greatness. Don’t sit on your stress, and let it keep you CHAINED from EXCELLING! You only have one life, and that life is to be lived, PERSISTENLY!


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