Trusting God’s Will

Today, was very moving for me. I had a speaking engagement today, at the Apostolic Church of God in Chicago, IL. There I spoke on my “God Story.” Let me say that I was nervous, but it was amazing to see that no one noticed. As a speaker, fear is always present when standing, or sitting in front of an audience. I say all this just to say that, when you’re doing something you love; it will show with gratitude. I want you guys to move beyond within your careers and everyday lives. You have a position at your job, do it with stride and confidence. If wherever you are, isn’t where you want to be; shift away from it. Trust me, people do notice and pay attention to your work ethnic. Before all those people see what it is you’re doing, See God first. Trust me when I say, “Praying on things work.” Take me for example, I graduated college with a BA in English. I knew that I wanted to write a book, but I didn’t see a Motivational Speaker behind it. I’ve always had great speaking skills, and I loved to talk! So, I took my tragedy of having Multiple Sclerosis, living in the hood, and being raped to a higher ground. I began to speak on my story and enlighten people, on existing turmoil in their lives, and explaining to them that there is still a way to break free. I’m a living testimony of it! So I know that you guys can do it as well. So I encourage you, to talk to God on certain things in your life. If your job isn’t 100% towards your physical and mental state; Ask God to change it around for you. God will never leave you, nor forsake you. So be great at whatever you’re doing in life, and trust God’s will!


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