Fill that Mind Up!

Although you think you know it all; its important to seek out more things to fill your mind with. The more you know, gives you the advantage to pursue higher success. Most times, when we don’t know things, we go straight to Google or Bing! Not saying that its wrong, because its not. I know that I’m about to sound old fashion, but reading and writing things down is more essential. That way you can know for yourself; what you can use, and what you can’t. Today’s society is so advanced, that we forget our books, and fall short of our brain expansion. You can even keep track of what you do daily. I bet you’ll research something on the net faster than reading it. If you don’t, BIG UP’s to you!! So starting today, read a book of your interest, and when you’re done; see how you feel about it. I bet you’ll feel great, because you’ll know how the story ended. That even goes for your career. When you know the steps and procedures it takes to get higher, you won’t need the net to tell you any different. Then if someone is trying to learn how you got where you’re now; you can simply give advice without looking at the net for things to say. There’s no lie when I say that reading is fundamental! The more you know, the more you grow. So take on the world, but don’t forget to, Fill that Mind Up!


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