Are you Hesitant?

What if success took years to accomplish? Would you follow through, or lose your drive? Now most of us want the tools necessary for success, but don't want to wait any additional time, in order to get to it. It's a harsh reality, but its prevalent. Success is a process, which means, that you must keep … Continue reading Are you Hesitant?



Listen up guys, you won't shift into greater success until you are honest with yourselves. Every negative stronghold must be dropped in order to gain prosperity. Let's be real, you can't build a sturdy ladder without the necessary tools needed to climb up with. This goes the same way for life. We all have things … Continue reading BOOM with GREATNESS

Little Minds Can’t Understand Persistently Made Behavior (PMB)

Being on the south side of Chicago shows you many things. One of many is CTA Transportation, where people do pretty much anything. I'm talking about fighting, drinking liquor, stealing phones, cursing out bus drivers, getting aggressive when a shoe is scuffed, and so forth. I know you guys are probably like, what kind of atmosphere … Continue reading Little Minds Can’t Understand Persistently Made Behavior (PMB)

Everyday You Learn Something New

Although most days feel the same; there are actually different things you can discover from day to day. "Paige, Why is this important?" Its important, because although you know it or not; your brain instills knowledge of certain things you aren't familiar with. About three or four weeks ago, I made arrangements to be picked … Continue reading Everyday You Learn Something New