As people, we sometimes fight against ourselves, because the progression of money isn’t overflowing, or the spot that we’re trying to move from won’t budge. I just want to let you guys know that, these feelings are normal while reaching for success. What isn’t normal, is beating ourselves up in the midst of it. Everything works in divine order according to how you treat it. As a speaker, I was so ecstatic that my CD was placed in the bookstore of the Apostolic Church of God. Although I didn’t get any sales from it; there was still a blessing within that physical action . I knew that what I did was going to be beneficial in someone else’s life. So beating myself up, getting discouraged, or even feeling flustered was pointless. I did something great, and although it was small, I still accomplished something. So that goes for you guys; STOP beating yourselves up with things that aren’t going steady. The key is to stay persistent towards what you’re doing. Don’t throw in any towels of frustration or stress. You know, when I’m feeling “Slow Motion,” I began to write out how I’m feeling, and pray that God shifts the atmosphere. There I find peace that takes away any frustrating energy. Go to your peaceful state, whether that’s Singing, Exercising, Writing, Praying, or taking a Brisk walk. Know that success is something that takes time! Its okay if things get a little rocky, because the best is yet to come; If only you believe in yourself! Stay humble and be, #PersistentlyMade


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