Book of THE DAY IS:

Let me say that this book is for literally anyone! The phenomenal quotes, along with the initial message is very devotional. I read pages within this book everyday, and I also reflect on them within my daily mornings. I made a Facebook post the other day that said, “The more you know, the more you grow.” I really took the time to marinate on it, because it had so much meaning, and is relatable to this book. While reading, I saw many quotes from authors and poets that I hadn’t even heard of. All of the messages within each quote, exemplified an intrinsic value, on issues we tend to face with daily. I believe that you guys will really like this one! While reading daily; Marinate on how certain pages make you feel, and what steps you can take to elevate your successes higher. Those successes may be getting a promotion at work, clearing out an attic you avoided so long, publishing a book, waking up on time, or even creating a daily agenda for the week. Whatever it may be, think about the messages on each page, and make it relatable to you. Then, if there is something that you can’t use; take what you can and move forward! You guys, everyday is a learning experience, and I’m still learning that as well! Most of the time, I write down what I’ve learned each day, so that I can always go back to it and reflect. That maybe different for some of you guys, but most times when you write things down, you can always go back to examine it. So please check out this book, and let me know if it helps down the line. Feel free to leave comments. I’m eager to respond to each one! Thanks, and have a blessed one!


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