Movement Now Pleasee!!

Have you ever felt like everything you’re doing is slow pace? If you have, you’re not alone. Success takes time, and although it seems like the wait is forever, you’re actually building your foundation. Take me for instance, I’m an Entrepreneur who is a Motivational Speaker building a platform, along with handling a business. I understand that everything I do and say is a process, which means that I have to strategically balance everything out. As a speaker, I record and write a lot. So I always make sure that what I’m saying is honest and relatable to the audience. I also make sure that I have business cards available, and social media pages so that I can further my networking. I know that it may sound like a lot, but when you’re doing what you love, it really doesn’t matter. So that even goes for my business. I tend to work alone, because I want things done in considerate timing. I want people to look at me and say, “Exquisitely Done Paige!” This then lets me know that I’m building my foundation the right way. Lets be clear though, everyone wants the accumulation of money, but its how you’re working to get there. This is why its very important to take your time with what you’re doing within your careers. So what if time is moving too slow, that just means that its happening for a reason. I don’t know of any person who rushed into success, and said, “I got here in five seconds.” This is just unrealistic and pathetic. I know that we want things sooner than later, but I guarantee you that if you just wait on your blessing, it will surely come. At times when you’re feeling like this, just think of where your career would’ve went if you rushed it. Then think of the many people you’d let down, because you wanted success so fast. So guys take a deep breath; persistence is the only way to reach it. Allow total control over yourself, and stay busy until you see changes. Yes, it will be hard, but just remember the reason(s) why  you’re doing it. Check out YouTube; look up Daley- Those Who Wait. Maybe you can relate, young or old.


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