Keep it SILENT

When things are going steady in our lives, we feel that it’s necessary to share them. Now don’t get me wrong, accomplishments are fantastic things, but look everybody doesn’t have to know your every move. You know why? Because you aren’t striving for another persons sake; you’re doing it for yourself. Successful moves, are more so quiet. When you can move in silence, you give yourself the ability to think, and control what comes out of your mouth. You will have people who will say that they support you all the way, but you are your #1 supporter! Believe it when I tell you that I’ve had many people in my life, as if they were around for a greater good, just to find out they were jealous of my persistence to succeed. Nuts right?  Trust me when I say this, people will envy the positive overflow you possess within yourselves and your careers. In other words, these people are called, “Haters.” So surround yourself around people who are on the same page as you. If you like working alone do it! There is nothing wrong with doing things by yourself. Either way you’re still going to elevate higher. Speaking for myself, I’ve had to cut people loose. I wasn’t going to allow their negative gestures to interfere with the blessings that flowed my way. So you guys if you have this habit of telling people your every move, STOP! If you keep negativity around you, the consistency of your financial success will decline. You can’t have people suggesting what you should and shouldn’t do with your success.  I’m speaking up on this issue, because I love you guys, and I won’t sugarcoat the truth. I guess you’re probably thinking to yourself, like this woman doesn’t even know us to love us, but I do. So continue to keep it SILENT, and maintain Persistent Behavior.



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