Everyday You Learn Something New

Although most days feel the same; there are actually different things you can discover from day to day. “Paige, Why is this important?” Its important, because although you know it or not; your brain instills knowledge of certain things you aren’t familiar with. About three or four weeks ago, I made arrangements to be picked up by an Uber driver, to get to my Primary Care team at The University of Chicago. I didn’t know that when I got in the car, the driver would talk to me. I mean the usual would always be, “Hello” or “How are you?” So instead of saying either, he opened up about the violence in Chicago. He stated that, “Violence should be substituted for businesses.” I looked at him and said, “However do you mean?” He went on to say that, “Chicago would be better if people had something better to do with their time.” I then agreed with him after listening to what he had to say. Then I opened up about myself as a speaker and the progression of my business. As soon as I said this, he went on to say, “Back home in Iran,  I have over thirty people working for me, while I’m here in Chicago as an Uber driver. I quickly asked him, “How was it possible?” He went on to say, “I own buildings in which my business takes place in. Now, I’m thinking this man is clearly lying to me. Until he spoke on how things went left while owning a business here in Chicago. Apparently the funding for his establishment went in shambles. As I was being pulled up to the University, he left me with a message, “In order to succeed, you must crawl before you walk; Do not expect things to just go straightforward.” As I got out of the car, I spent some time on what he said. In reality guys, we want things to immediately happen; whether if  it’s our businesses, raises in pay at our jobs, wanting new cars, or even publishing books.The essence of patience is a must for decision making, that impacts the flow of ourselves, and our successes. So continue to be on your “PMB,” and “Flearn” during your daily routines. Use sense of what you know and don’t, to attain the things necessary for life, and your success. I love you guys, and know that I don’t need to personally know you, in order to love you. I just do!


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