Little Minds Can’t Understand Persistently Made Behavior (PMB)

Being on the south side of Chicago shows you many things. One of many is CTA Transportation, where people do pretty much anything. I’m talking about fighting, drinking liquor, stealing phones, cursing out bus drivers, getting aggressive when a shoe is scuffed, and so forth. I know you guys are probably like, what kind of atmosphere do you live in? Seriously though, these are the type of people who’d rather take Jordans and KD gym shoes over a brief case and a business suit. These people are considered little minds, who can’t come to understand that Violence Kills, Misconduct results in jail, and that materialistic things do perish away. When a mind is controlled by negative things, it is substituted for the “Lack of Knowledge,” which is basically ignorance. PMB is something that gets people far in life. I know this for a fact, because I exemplify it as an individual. I was never the type of person who had to have the latest weaves, shoes, or devices. The only thing I ever valued were books, because they open my eyes clearer to the world. I’m not saying that I’m a nerd, but I love learning and exploring new things. If you as an Individual are maintaining a PMB, you are setting the bar higher than high. You understand that you must persevere in order to reach greatness. Even when things seem unbalanced, you reverse all mishaps, into a humbling experience, because you’re hungry for greatness. If this is you, keep striving seriously and if it’s not, climb aboard!  The situations we face in life, are just tests set up to see, if we’ll break or fold. So be true to God, and trust yourself. Never lose sight of your motive and vision to be successful.


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