Wise Words From Bob Proctor

When I first started my journey speaking, I was lost! I’m not going to lie; I didn’t have the necessary tools to build with. Well that’s what I thought, before I realized that everything I needed, was either right in front of me, or down the street from my home. I never knew all I needed was a cellular device, books to read from, paper, and library access. In my mind, I thought it was necessary to have a high-tech phone, Apple laptop, a Web Designer, an agent to book me speaking engagements, a photographer, and a personal organizer. I know it all seemed time-consuming and high price, but if I was to make it in the speaking business, everything had to be perfect. What I couldn’t come to grips with, was that all the “Celebrity” speakers had to start somewhere. So after I graduated from Lincoln University of MO. I headed back to the “Hood” of Chicago. I always knew that I wanted to break free, but my finances were “Shot.” My heart was always humble, and my mentality was as strong as an ox, but I had to turn speaking into a reality. So I updated my LinkedIn account, and began to research on my Android. I would make it my duty to wake up at eight a.m. to take notes, read, and surf YouTube videos. The more I did this, the more I expanded. I then took it a step further. I started connecting with great people, like Bob Proctor, Patricia Fripp, Gary Wilbers, and Dan Brodsky-Chenfeld. Believe me this action wasn’t easy, but I was so hungry to be successful. So I began messaging them, and telling them my story. At first, I didn’t receive one message, and it didn’t hurt me either, because I wanted to reach their level of success. So I kept it up, and finally I started receiving messages, and even got set up for a business call. One thing I won’t forget, were wise words from Bob Proctor. He said to me, “Be sure to follow your own advice.” I pondered on that statement for two weeks, because like I said, I was lost in the beginning. Then one day it came to me. The Paige I am now, will be the same Paige, that people view in the future. So after that, I continued to research more, and instill my mind with knowledge. I also began to model myself differently;  understanding my worth as a person. I then took the thought of being in the “Hood” to a higher perspective. I began to understand that where I was currently, wasn’t going to be where I would be in the future. So within me being lost, I actually gained sight of who I was. You guys, learn your sense of value, model your PMB, and blessings will surly come to you. I am a living witness, that if you apply yourself, great things can, and will happen. If you want something bad enough, GO GET IT! Don’t fall short of yourself, because you aren’t financially there. Have enough will power to know that you will get there. All it takes is PMB. So take that into your advantage, and live out your SUCCESS. Be blessed!


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