The Aftermath of Being Raped on Campus

Hiding in a dorm room for three days, was the most depressing feeling, I ever felt as a person. Then on top of that, I didn’t even let anyone know. A controlling man thought it was okay to allow himself on top of me, and take advantage of the flower I was. Growing up as a child, I was always taught from my mother that flowers were delicate, and that’s how I viewed myself.

At first, I was ashamed to make it known on my webpage, but this is who I am. This situation along with having Multiple Sclerosis, and living in the hood molded me gracefully. When I tell you guys that God is good; he really is! Without him by my side, I just don’t know where I’d be. So I just rejoice with great praise, because I’m alive to tell my story.

So guys, if this is something you’ve gone through, don’t be ashamed of yourselves. Most importantly don’t be afraid to ask for help. Don’t do what I did, isolating myself from the world. The more you speak out against Rape, the more you’re helping others globally!

The world is yours guys. Let your PMB continue to shine. Your worth is so much greater than set backs that occur in life. So keep those heads lifted!



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