Stay Charged up!

Guys, on days where you feel sluggish, you have to come to grips with yourself. I know that everybody has an, “I Don’t Care” day and that’s normal, but ask yourselves, are these types of days prolonged? If they are, then you need to get total control over yourself and your life.

You do not want to waste your God-given gift! I know some of you feel like you don’t have one, but believe me when I say that you do. Even if it’s writing, telling stories, blogging, making clothes, financial advising, teaching, ETC. The worst thing you can do as a person, is to fail yourself. When that happens, everything you thought you worked for, falls down the drain. You aren’t serious about you anymore! Sounds crazy right? I know. So in order to avoid that, your PMB must be on 100%. Even when things don’t seem the best, it still has to show!

Look at me, my life was supposed to be statistically numbered. I have Multiple Sclerosis, experienced rape, and lived in the hood of Chicago. I’m supposed to be a “Nobody” to the world, but I wanted better for myself. Since education was all I had, I used it to my ability! So use what you have to best of your ability!

Stay charged up on your jobs, and in life. I know at times, days seem slow and draining. Just remember that you can switch that around. If you aren’t satisfied with your daily habits of life, change it! Get to where you really want to be. Without peace of the mind, is nothing but chaotic turmoil. You guys don’t want that seriously!

I’ve said in past blogs that, “The World is Yours.” Take that into your advantage. No one wants to live life miserable with a chaotic household of thirty cats! So guys, continue to go hard with your PMB. Know that success is what you will reach, and that you have control over that! I love you guys, and have a blessed done.


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