You’re Unstoppable!

What’s up guys. How’s Monday going for you?

I HOPE its going well, even if it isn’t. I had something on my mind, that I wanted to let you know. The road towards victory takes much stability, and strength. Even when things seem hectic in your lives, you must possess a driven attitude. Don’t allow life to take advantage of you. You have to take advantage of it! I’m telling you, I could have been the typical stereotype for rape victims, chronic diseases, and educational status’ but I chose different. I want you guys to choose different, and trust who you are as people.

Life is about living and doing what you love. Don’t you agree? You see, God will place us in situations, that seem like we have no control over, but we really do. The number one thing that we as people do, is push ourselves further into ditches. I mean that ditch can be anything from bad relationships, self-doubt, anxiety, depression, finances, guilt, fear, violence, ETC. Like I’ve said in previous blogs, we’re our own worst critics! Somehow we always fall short of our natural-born abilities, because deep down inside, we don’t seem worthy enough! So stop underestimating you ability guys. When you put your mind to something, anything is possible. You just have to follow through.

Everyone has a different journey. If there’s something you aren’t satisfied with, CHANGE it! The world is yours. I truly mean that. I’m from the hood of Chicago, surrounded by violence and crime. I was supposed to be like everybody else, but I wanted more out of life. I didn’t want to get pregnant in elementary school. I didn’t want to hang on corners, and look stupid. Most importantly, I didn’t want to waste my gift, the ability to speak!

Also, know that everybody isn’t going to be for your difference! This right here, should encourage you to go HARDER! Let me tell you something, when I was in elementary school and High School, my classmates would insult me. They would talk about me so bad, that the average student would’ve cried. To be honest, I had “Tough Skin.” I just didn’t care about how individuals viewed me. Look, the point of school is to excel and instill knowledge. This was something that constantly ventured through my mind. I knew then, just as I know now, that I am someone great, and you’re too!

You be the person that stands out for greatness. Skip what someone else feels, because at the end of day, it’s all about you. Be unstoppable and exemplify greatness! The best is yet to come! I know it deep down in my soul! So keep your head lifted. The battle isn’t over. Claim you victory. You model PMB, and there isn’t a doubt about it! Get what you’re entitled to! I love you guys, and know that you’re just steps away from your triumph!



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