Today’s book of the day is…

What’s up guys, its Paige Starks the Enlightener here!

Here above, is the best book to help you eliminate fears, while also persevering during harsh times. Dan Brodsky-Chenfeld is a world champion Skydiver, and Motivational Speaker. Over time, I’ve grown very attached to his journey of surviving a terrible plane crash, including sixteen other skydive members. You guys, the more I read about him, the more I was interested in setting up a business call.

So that’s just what I did.

I can’t begin to tell you how humbling the experience was speaking to him. The impact of his survival gave me hope. Most importantly, it helped me to take a deeper look within myself, and all that surrounded me. I knew for a fact, that my journey was thoroughly molding me for greatness. I just didn’t know how a young woman like myself could enlighten the world. Dan helped me to clear any negative thoughts I had on that matter. Its like I had all these thoughts running through my mind, then Dan implied,  “People need to hear your story.”  So I eliminated my, “Stinking Thinking” as my cousin Yara would say. Then at that moment, I understood more of my place in the world. I knew that my gift was something more powerful, than I had expected it to be. No fear or tragedy could stop the impact I had on motivating people.

When ending the conversation, Dan decided to send me his book. When I say that I was so ecstatic to be getting the book, I definitely was! Upon receiving it,  I seen that Dan signed it and left me an encouraging message. I in fact was honored, and more so eager to read. Guys the amount of information given within this book, is profound and powerful! Its like you’re experiencing Dan’s journey with him. Seriously, how impeccable is that! Oh how I want to tell you more, but then I’d only be ruining it. Go buy this book! Its available on Amazon for $11.44. You won’t regret this investment!

Guys, to this exact day, I still reflect on chapters within the book, because it truly helps me as a Speaker and Entrepreneur. One thing I’ve learned in life is that you must be open to learn new things. I’m so glad that I haven’t abused that mentality. I really mean it, because “The more you know, the more you grow.” If you aren’t open to new things, you wont’ ever accumulate knowledge in a different sense. That sense being able to take something unique, and build off of it. So GO BUY this book, and experience a thrilling journey with Dan Brodsky-Chenfeld.

I love you guys, and I hope that your weekend is spectacular! Don’t forget to like, and subscribe to my YouTube Channel: Paige Starks (pstheenlightener). Have a blessed one, and I’m out!





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