Check This Out!

What’s up guys it’s Paige Starks the Enlightener here! I hope that you guys had a different week from the last one. I say that only to say, each week should have you geared, and more focused on your next move.

Let me tell you one thing that I changed about myself as an Entrepreneur. First, was my thinking. I knew that if I ever wanted to get to 6 or 7 figure success, I had to have my mind focused towards what I wanted. Then I made it my duty to wake up with the ambition and assertive study habits.

As a Toastmaster, I take a bus and train just to get there. Then once I’m there, other Toastmasters are concerned, because I travel so far. Let me say,  I’m not afraid to get what I need, in order to better myself. Although, I am surrounded by drug dealers, drunks, mental illnesses, and homeless people, I know what’s necessary for my life. What surrounds me isn’t what I want for my life. Also, its okay if people around me don’t understand it. I’ve always stuck out to most, because I’m so different. Honestly, this is what the world needs anyways. So why not? Something that you need to know about me is that, I’m hungry for my success, and my drive is on #1000!


So guys within each week that you encounter, take note of what you did differently. Don’t feel “Iffy,” because change is good. When you really want the best for yourselves, it will definitely show. You do know, that success isn’t the easiest thing to achieve, but I rock with winners, so I know you guys got this!

So take one step at a time. Guys, I guarantee that if you stay the course, great things will happen for you. I know this for a fact, because it’s happening for me. I’m a living testimony of greatness!

I pray that whatever negative energy is blocking your blessing, is lifted. Seriously, your path needs to be clear of any pain, fear, or hurt. When you get rid of any extra baggage in your lives, the road becomes much clearer. Just imagine, the weight being lifted off your shoulders, and away from your minds.

Much clearer right?

This is exactly where you want to be. So change up those weekly habits, and just see what happens. You may ask, “What if I make a mistake?” So what, if you make an error or two? You’ve got to know that we’re all human. The many mistakes you make, are just learning tools you instill deep within yourselves.

Do know that I love you guys, and hope that you’ll have more productive, and different weeks!

Be blessed,

and im out!




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