Holiday Fun with a Little Work Ethnic

What’s up guys, it’s Paige Starks the Enlightener here! I know that Thanksgiving is in two days, consisting of family time, eating lots of food, and going Black Friday shopping. Not saying that this is something bad, but what if you could do all three, and even squeeze in some work time? Now don’t go overwhelming yourself! I’m not telling you guys to make this day a work load, because I do agree that family, food, and fun is a must on Thanksgiving!

Just try out what I’m suggesting to you. If it benefits you, then keep at it! If it doesn’t, there’s no harm in adjusting. Remember what I’ve said in past blogs, “Change is good!” By inputting some work ethnic in during the holidays can benefit you in three ways:

  1. Development of structural daily habits; enabling the body to know exactly when to do things. In other words, you’re producing adequate “Circadian Rhythm Flow.”
  2. Pushing yourself further ahead of what you can normally do while working.
  3. Promotes profoundness within yourself, and your ability to multitask.

Getting ahead isn’t so bad guys. All it really does is show your,” Persistently Made Behavior” (PMB). The more you practice these habits, the more focused you’ll become. Your mind will stick to the accumulation of what it instills. So hang in there, and know that, “You’re More Than Conquerors!”

I know that life can be hectic at times, but you are all winners! I don’t have to know you personally to state that. God gives the hardest battles to his STRONGEST soldiers. So don’t feel left out because of it. There is a reason for everything, even when we don’t understand it all.

Look at me, I was raised in the hood of Chicago. I didn’t have it all, but I still survived. I made it past the violence, being raped my sophomore year in college, and not being able to walk, talk, or eat properly; the year I was supposed to graduate. I thought I couldn’t handle that much weight, but God was on my side! He knew that everything I went through, molded my character as a women. I have no shame in who I am, because everything I went through, developed who I am today.

So guys, hang in there. You aren’t alone with what you’re going through. All that you endure, only enables strength and stability. So keep thriving, until your victory is won! I love you guys, and hope that you’re safe travelling for the holidays. Enjoy your families, and indulge in great food. Just remember to try out what I suggested today!




and I’m out!


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