What’s up guys, it’s Paige Starks the Enlightener here!

Something crossed my mind that I wanted to share. You can’t expect everybody to get what you’re pursuing in life. This is why the world is the way it is today; Unbalanced. If you believe that whatever you’re executing works, you must go with it. Minus any fears, or negatively opinionated people.

My mother used to always say, “People are going to talk about you until the day you die.” To this very day, it hasn’t left me. I know for a fact, that no one around me, can benefit from my God-given gift. So if people disagree with who I am, I could care less. At the end of the day, I’m still putting forth the work to produce my greatness.

Guys nobody, and I mean NOBODY should stop you from obtaining your success! Just because people don’t seem to agree with who you are, doesn’t stop the blessing you represent as a person. You are all winners in my eyes. I seriously mean it!

So keep at your hustle, and take on the world. You have to envision greatness within yourselves. If you promote negativity around yourself, that’s surely what you’ll get in return. So start implementing more positive things over your success and your life. The more you believe that great things can happen, the more it can become a reality!

So hang in there guys. I know that things will look up sooner than later. Just remember to believe in yourselves, even if the world disagrees. You control your life, and what it is to consist of.

I love you guys, and hope that each day you go through, is different from the rest. So pick your heads up, and stick those chests out, because you will GAIN your VICTORY!




and im out!




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