Learn to Love You

What’s up guys, it’s Paige Starks the Enlightener here.

Tomorrow marks another week.

What will you do differently?

If you’re hurt from what life has put you through, you must break free from it. You will never experience a fulfilling life, if you’re holding on to extra baggage.

So this is what I want you to do. Write out all of the things you love about yourself. Then I want you to embody everything you wrote. So within each week from now, read aloud the things you love about yourself. Do note that when you’re reading aloud, you must possess a sense of compassion.

This exercise will help you to love yourself more. Once you can understand self-love, nothing will ever hold you captive again. All of the pain, depression, and anger will subside.

BE AWARE that this process won’t work in a day or two. If it is your goal to work on yourselves, the amount of time won’t have a limit. You will have to bear through the process, until you understand that self-love is the best love of all.

One day at a time is all that we can embark upon.

I know pain, hurt, and frustration because I’ve experienced it. Let me tell you, it took some time for me to love myself. Being physically and emotionally stomped was so overwhelming. So trust me when I say, that I definitely understand.

Guys, you will BREAK through. I know it for a fact, because you all are strong! Everything you’ve gone through is PROOF that you can PERSERVERE. So cry, scream, and yell it out! The mess that you’ve endured is about to end! Greatness is in store for you guys. I’m so sure of it!

I love you guys, and pray that your PMB is strengthening. Always remember that you’re greater than life’s adversities!





and I’m out!





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