Did you know that you have POWER?

What’s up guys, it’s Paige Starks the Enlightener here! I hope that you guys are well.

If you haven’t discovered your power, now is the time to really know and see it! I know you guys looked at this title like,

“Paige, really!”

“We aren’t superheroes!”

Seriously though, your power is being able to make righteous decisions, when it involves your success, and daily lifestyles.

Say for instance, you aren’t happy with the money you’re earning at your job. One of your powers is the voice to SPEAK up on the concern. The other is being able to make the DECISION whether you’ll stay to suffer, or leave and find a better opportunity.

The power you have as an individual, only works when you can speak up, and execute righteous decisions.

So really think about this, and ask yourselves,

“Have I really been speaking up, and making righteous decisions in my life?”

When you come to figure this out, the way you live will change. Everything you think and do will be the result of an outcome.  Then the goals that you have will transform into PMB. The more you model PMB, the more you’ll win in life.

You are all that you put forth. If you have the power to do something in your favor, do it! Don’t sit on your future because you’re SCARED! Being scared isn’t recognizable, and it produces false hope.

Take into consideration that OPPORTUNITIES are awaiting you. So I guess the only other question is,

“Are you ready?”

I love you guys, and wish nothing but best! So continue to take on the world, and believe in yourselves, because I do!




and I’m out!





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