Half Way Through..What Will You Do? Dun Dun Dunnnn!

What’s up guys, it’s Paige Starks the Enlightener here! I hope you guys are doing well.

I’m interested in knowing how your week is progressing. What are some of your high’s and low’s? Better yet, what can you adjust from those high’s and low’s to make your next week even better?

Think these questions through, and apply them for next week. I know that we’re half way through a full week, but you can use the rest of this week, to think it over.

On a serious note, it is time to breakthrough from anything, that appears to be holding you back, from what you can attain.

If a change is what you really want, then a physical action must be required. You cannot sit any longer on opportunities that God blesses you with.

Most times, I pray on actions before I make them. If you’re thinking that you must quickly do something, you’re wrong. I’m not saying that you rush within your lives to be successful.

You will have to work for what it is that you want in life. When I say that, “Change requires a physical action,” I really mean that! The action can only become physical if you’re ready to flourish. So think thoroughly, on how and what you can do to flourish in life.

When your mind and heart are ready for that change, you’ll know for sure, when it’s time.

As for now, figure out what it is that you want for yourselves. So if you pray; pray. Ask God for direction daily, and continue to do so. Even during your weeks ahead, talk to God, in a quiet place of your home.

Find your peace and let it resonate with you, here on out.

Guys, You’re so close to your breakthrough, even when you feel like you aren’t. So hang in there, and know that I love you!

Only the PMB’s survive!!




and I’m out!



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