When is the Right Time to Endure?

What’s up guys, it’s Paige Starks the Enlightener here! I hope you guys are doing well.

I was thinking earlier this morning about endurance, and how we make it out from harsh realities. The truth of the matter is that SURVIVAL is how we make it. For instance, when climates change wherever you are, you know when to transition from spring, summer, fall, & winter clothing.

When you think about it from this aspect, you’ve already had the tools necessary for life’s adversities. You know why? It’s because you lived to see another day.

So when you feel like throwing in the towel at certain times in your lives, remember that you’ve ENDURED some of the most harshest realities.

Life has its up and downs, but just remember how far you’ve come. Everything that you were able to endure, was because of God being on your side. I know at times, it’s feels like you’re all alone, but God puts us through the PIT just to see if we can handle what life throws at us.

This is true, because as people  we tend to fight ourselves, in the midst of our situations. In fact, we do this so much that we stumble over ourselves. When we can learn to know that, God will never leave nor forsake us, that’s when we’ll know that we aren’t alone.

Let me say that I’m so proud of you guys for sticking in there, even in the darkest times of your lives. The fact that you SURVIVED shows so much character, and I applaud that greatly!

Continue to thrive within your lives, and know that I love you. Take on the world, because you deserve that, and so much more! Also, remember that PMB is what keeps your GRIND alive.






and I’m out!



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