Don’t Allow THEM to STEAL your..

What’s up guys, it’s Paige Starks the Enlightener here!  I hope that your week was very productive.

Last night, I was thinking about how people can try to RAIN on your parade, because they are in a FUNK.

This FOOLISHNESS isn’t only in the WORK place; It’s in the malls, auto shops, coffee shops, barbershops, beauty shops, spa’s, libraries, etc.

Then, our natural instinct is to get on their LEVEL. Let me tell you guys this, “MISERY LOVES COMPANY!” When your mood is subtle, let it stay there! You can’t give people the POWER to make you frustrated.

I know we’ve all done it, but it doesn’t SOLVE a thing!

“Why let someone mess up your mood, let alone your day?” Sounds crazy right, I know!

So guys, don’t allow people to get the best of you. When you’re mood is content, let it stay that way. People who can allow themselves, to walk this earth negatively, are just in need of the attention they never had.

You possess so much PMB that it intimidates people. Look, this is what you do when you run into people like this. Politely smile, and keep it moving! You go hard for your success regardless of their mess!

Know that your life serves a greater purpose. When you’re at work or wherever, keep a leveled mind. Don’t get distracted away from your paths to greatness.

I love you guys, and pray that this week, was better than the last. You’re more than conquerors in my eyes, and that should be enough to go harder for your successes!




and I’m out!



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