Winter Wonderland in Chicago!

What’s up guys, it’s Paige Starks the Enlightener here!

I’m sorry I couldn’t talk to you guys this morning. I went to serve my duty at the Apostolic Church of God, for the children’s ministry. I love, love, love working with the youth.

Let me tell you guys, by the time I came out of the church, there was snow everywhere. My God, was it a beautiful sight to see!

Although the climate has changed, let us not forget our purpose. The snow shouldn’t stop our inner drive, and hunger for success.

As you do know our “Jumpstart” Monday is tomorrow. So let’s give it our best, and continue that sequence further within the week.

We are on our way to an undefeated victory! So let’s prepare ourselves with positive minds, and vibes.

The hard part is over! Know why? The struggle of your lives were only temporary. You’re still alive and well. So let that be something to ROOT for!

I knew from the very beginning, that you guys were WINNERS, destined for so much more in life. So stay pumped up. Keep your DRIVE on 1000, and take on the world.

Believe in yourselves, because I believe in you. I love you guys, and pray for nothing but the best.

Always remember that PMB is a representation of you.




and I’m out!




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