Why Aren’t we Thinking?

What’s up guys, it’s Paige Starks the Enlightener here! I hope that you all are well.

I want to know if you’re THINKING, because where you picture yourself in life, can be turned into a reality. The more you think, the more you’ll drive yourself to execute an action.

Each morning, I envision where I see myself, and that is also my motivation to push harder towards my goals. Having Multiple Sclerosis isn’t something that LIMITS me from my success. I don’t care if my back hurts, or if I’m experiencing weakness in my arms and legs, because I was DESTINED for a purpose.

THINKING daily will enable actions. For instance, you may want to accumulate X amount of dollars by a specific date. By thinking on this daily, will make you physically able to excute this action of obtaining that X amount.

If we can incorporate this action daily, we’ll be that much closer to our success. I’m not telling you guys to overload your brain, but take the time to envision your future whereabouts. Ask yourself,

“What is it that I want for myself down the road?”

“How long will it take before I execute my next move?”

These are questions that really matter pertaining to your empire. So now I leave it up to you to decide whether you want success or not. I can’t force or make you decide how your life is to run. You have to want it for YOURSELF.

LAZINESS isn’t apart of this journey. We have to WORK in order to get what we want.

There was a check in, I used to do with one of my teachers in high school. Baba Kwaw was his name, and he’d have each student check in by stating one’s emotion. For instance one would say,

  • Physically, I’m strong!
  • Emotionally, I’m happy!
  • Mentally, I’m here!
  • Spiritually, I’m blessed!

(Baba Kwaw then asks: Are you in? Student’s response: Yes I’m in.)

This process was done to see where each students’ mind was. So what I displayed was an example of what a student would say based off of their feelings.

Also, this leads back to thinking daily, and executing actions. If you aren’t checked in with yourselves, its impossible to execute any action. This why I stated that LAZINESS isn’t apart of the journey.

Success is what you WORK for. So let’s work on ourselves, and envision what we see in the near future.

I know it gets HARD in life, but we can’t SIT back and complain. In order to change anything in our lives, we must do something about it. Talking about what isn’t right, won’t stop the problem.

Guys it’s on you to grind it out! So remember to implement daily thoughts within you day. I guarantee you’ll have a clearer view of your success.

I love you guys, and I’m praying for the many blessings coming your way. Keep your PMB #1000 and take on the world.





and I’m out!



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