But Why Can’t We Be??

What’s up guys, it’s Paige Starks the Enlightener here! I hope you guys are doing well this cold morning.


We’ve all tried to be in some way or another. Then what happens, we get flustered because things start to go wrong; we’re are simply, “Overdoing our part!” Whoever came up with the saying, “Practice makes Perfect,” because in reality “Practice makes better!”

Guys you won’t ever be perfect, and that’s okay! If people can’t learn to appreciate your value, you shouldn’t ever have to over do, who you are as a person.

People who choose to be “Pefectionists” are simple minded. The world in which they live is predictable, because life was meant to make MISTAKES! Mistakes are the reasons we learn from situations we face in life.

When you think about some of the most SUCCESSFUL people alive, they’ve made many MISTAKES. Look, TRIAL and ERROR is the name of the game. Making mistakes is what made them even better at what they do today. So keep it in your heart and mind, to know that it’s okay to fall short of things. The importance is making it your duty to get back up and try again.

If you truly love who you’re, nothing should change that. EVER! If people can’t appreciate your worth, make that your effort to THRIVE even harder. You’ll never need approval for who you are.


So pick your head up, and don’t throw in the towel. KEEP GOING, and don’t stop your HUSTLE. You were destined to be SUCCESSFUL, and so much more!

Know that!

I love you guys, and pray that you’re going strong within the rest of your week. Know that you’re more than CONQUERORS, and that your PMB is a reflection of you! So hang in there!

You’re so close to gaining  your VICTORY!



(Also, tomorrow I will be revealing my book of day. So stay tuned for what I have in store for you guys.)




and I’m out!


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