Today’s Book Reveal is….

What’s up guys, it’s Paige Starks the Enlightener here! I hope you guys are well, and staying warm this morning.

So today’s book of the day is, Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill. Let me tell you guys, this book is worth reading, and needs a space on your book shelf. Seriously, this book will have you intrigued by what’s being explained to you.

I will say this though,  DON’T GET THIS BOOK IF YOU’RE LOOKING TO GET RICH! This book is a stimulation for the mind, and applies great teaching methods in different aspects.

Also, it doesn’t matter what type of education you have, or job you work. This book can be read by anyone, who is willing to take out the time to read it. Make sure though, you’re in a quiet place while reading this. Know that you will need a notepad, to jot down some notes as well. It’s definitely worth your time.

  • This book is available on Amazon, eBay, Kindle, and Audible Audiobooks.

Then if your like, “Paige I just don’t have the money!” Check into your public library, and see if they carry it. No EXCUSES guys. Go get this book, and learn some highly valuable information.

You know, I was informed about this book from Bob Proctor’s YouTube Channel. If you don’t know who Bob Proctor is, know that he’s a phenomenal author, consultant, mentor, and coach. Feel free to learn more about him online.

Guys, let this book be something you invest into. You won’t regret it, because I certainly didn’t. Take a chance out of many, and fill those minds with rich knowledge.

The reason that I can motivate and fill you in on life, is because I genuinely care about your wellbeing. You guys give me the motivation to keep doing what I love, and that’s to SPEAK. So I go strong for you guys, because I want you to put that much effort into yourselves, and within your lives.

I love you, and expect nothing but the best. Always know that you’re more than conquerors. Even on your hardest days, keep pushing! Don’t allow your hardships to interfere with your blessings.

You’re so close to your VICTORY, don’t get thrown off track. Remain humble, and keep your PMB alive!




and I’m out!






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