It’s All about God!

What’s up guys, it’s Paige Starks the Enlightener here! I’ve had a busy, and exciting day at the Apostolic Church of God.

In the image above is the Children’s Church Ministry. With Christmas almost here, we decided to celebrate Jesus’s Birthday early, since next Sunday will include a Christmas Celebration, for both the children and adults.

Today I served over 150 awesome colorful cupcakes, and candy to the youth for both services. They were very delighted to receive them both. I mean just to see those smiles, while learning about God, was a blessing within itself.

Don’t you agree?

Every Sunday, I make it my business to interact with the youth. I feel that they’re our future, and that’s something we all need to understand. With that being said,

Tomorrow is our “Jumpstart” Monday..

Prayerfully you’re ready to go into the week strong. Whatever you couldn’t tackle last week, get it done this week. You must stay on top of your success, no matter the amount of negative energy that flows your way.

Your mind has to be focused towards your goals, whether they’re short or long-term. Make menses to yourself that you will achieve greater! Even when things are moving slow, keep grinding, because you’ve got too far, to fall short of your victory! You’re WINNERS!

Know that, and believe it!

Guys you’re so powerful. Learn to use your strength within these schools, jobs, and businesses. The world is just awaiting your brilliance!

Have STRONG faith within yourself, when others don’t. This is your best strength to obtain! When you’re headed for great places in life, it’s nothing anyone can say, or do against it. So continue believing in yourselves, and know that you’re more than conquerors!

I love you, and pray that your week is great!




and I’m out!





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