Stop being Broken..

What’s up guys, it’s Paige Starks the Enlightener here! I hope everyone is well, and staying warm from the coldness.

The aftermath of any traumatic experience is devastating. Whether it’s the death of a loved one, taking financial losses, suffering a severe illness, not being immune to both sex parenting, having depression, addicted to drugs, and being physically abused. The list goes on.

Think about it..

It seems that from every traumatic experience encountered, learning to break through isn’t an option. So choosing to stay broken is all that’s known. Society has shoved into our minds, that we are incapable of being brilliant.

You’re brilliant aren’t you?

This stigma of nonsense must cease. You have to understand your value as a person. Aside from these traumatic setbacks, you must make room for greater things. Just because you’ve been through hell, doesn’t mean you have to stay there.

Know that!

You will not be apart of any statistical numbering. Get it clear in your mind, that you’re entitled to more. Stop learning to be broken, and learn to be better. Don’t keep living your life upset and confused. It won’t get you far.

Let’s go back into time..

Historical figures have proved, that one can be successful amongst life’s adversities. Take Edgar Allan Poe for instance, he was a drunk, but his talent for poetry, and creating books were dynamic. Each of his creations are still on the shelves of libraries, archives, and even school systems.

It’s definitely possible to achieve success from being broken. So starting today, I want you to throw away anything that has broken you. Make a commitment to yourself, that you won’t allow it to happen anymore.

With one life, you deserve to be all that you can be. Nothing less should be tolerated. You must realize that the hard part is over. Now is your time to break free.

I love you guys, and pray for nothing but the best. Always remember to keep your PMB alive, and know that you’re more than conquerors!




and I’m out!




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