Do You Want Better Weeks?

What’s up guys, it’s Paige Starks the Enlightener here! I hope that you’re well, and having a great week thus far!

Speaking of week..

How’s it going for you?

Seriously, if it’s cool, comment “Cool.” Then on the other hand if hasn’t been cool, comment “Not Cool.”

Look guys, better weeks, result in a belief system. It sounds simple, but it’s true. When you think about it, believing more in yourself, causes the mind, and body to take charge.

Don’t you agree?

– Half of the time, when we face a new week, certain things snatch the mind from it’s driven purpose.

You may be stressing about something you have no control over, like finances. For every date, is a payment, and it doesn’t matter how much you stress over it, those dates don’t vanish.

With a simple belief system, any worries in your life can disappear. This is only if you want it too. So instead of promoting stress, and sickness, believe in yourselves to get certain tasks done. Believing is your will power.

I’m trying to tell you..

Back in college, I had suffered with finances badly. It got to the point where I lost my car, and couldn’t afford washing detergent. Also, I wasn’t familiar with taking the bus in MO. So I got flustered, and threw pity on myself.

Deep down, I knew that my actions weren’t right. So I got my act together, and worked as an English Lab Instructor. I also learned the bus schedule, since my car was gone. Although each bus came on the hour, I made sure that when it came, I was on it.

See I turned my situation into a belief system. I knew that God hadn’t brought me this far, just to give up. You see, when I believed in myself, nothing stopped me, not even the things I had no control over.

So make it happen..

When you have times like these in life, you must believe, even when it seems impossible. Just try, and see for yourself what I mean.

I love you, and pray that this week is finished strong. Always remember to keep your PMB alive, and know that you’re more than conquerors!




and I’m out!










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