You Want in On The…?

What’s up guys, it’s Paige Starks the Enlightener here! I hope you guys are well, and having a great week.

The reason why it’s so hard to get towards success, is because you don’t want it bad enough. When you don’t have a driven purpose, towards what you put your time in, is merely a waste of time.

Let that marinate…

Success requires a passion, that no matter the amount of times being done, it doesn’t get exhausting. Look at where you are in life. Think about the thing(s) you love, and what it’ll take to push it further.

You must have a clear sense of mind, when executing your driven purpose. Don’t do it, just to do it! Do it because you long to do it. The more original you are, makes it clear for people to see the greatness within you.

Seriously though…

Don’t go thinking, that it’s too late to rearrange what you aren’t pleased with. Life is full of Trials and Errors. You can’t expect everything to go the right way. If everything in this world were perfect, there’d be only more chaos.

Dont you agree?

So take a deep breath, and know that you’re fine. Live out your passion, and succeed the best way you know how. I remember being lost and confused of my defined purpose. The crazy thing about it was that I’d been doing it everyday.


Crazy right?

I know, but I grew more into it. Although it took some time, I understood my purpose, and found what I was a pro at. This is what you have to figure out for yourselves. Everything won’t come in the snap of a finger, but I guarantee that if you analyze who you are, you’ll find it!

Believe me on this.

Know that I love you, and pray for nothing but the best! Always remember that you’re more than conquerors, and that your PMB is what defines you!





and I’m out!










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