Have Some Fun!

What’s up guys, it’s Paige Starks the Enlightener here! I hope you guys are well, and are excited for the New Year!

Yesterday I had the time of my life, at the Big Jam Concert. I had the chance to let my hair down, and just have FUN for once. Yes I said fun, because it balances my lifestyle.

How about you?

Listen up, when you overwork yourself in life, nothing comes from it except unbalanced stress anxiety. I’m not saying that you should stop your hustle, but understand that fun is permitted!

This is the last day in 2016!

Don’t let this day go by without having some fun. Seriously, do what makes you ecstatic. Forget about work for today, and live a little. Understand that fun will not hurt you. In fact, it balances your lifestyle.

Please leave all of your worries, and stresses behind. Going into 2017 should be a thrilling experience. So I challenge you this day, to enjoy it, and be overwhelmed withΒ excitement!

I double dare you!

As for me, I’ll be bringing in the New Year at church! I’m so excited because, God has sparred my life, and allowed me to do great things, while managing Multiple Sclerosis.

So I have to get my praise on!

With that being said, I love you guys, and hope that you have a blast today! Be safe if you’re partying tonight, or going to see fireworks. It’s people in this world who hate to see happiness, and will do their best to ruin it. Anyways,









and I’m out!




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