Its Now, or Never!

What’s up guys, it’s Paige Starks the Enlightener here! I hope you all are well, and having a good morning thus far.

You ever procrastinated on something, and it just never got done?

Think about it…

I don’t care if it was being late to work, waiting til the last-minute to complete a project, not knowing what to wear, paying a bill late, letting your home clutter with debris, Etc.

Whatever the case may be, those things didn’t turn out how you expected them too.


Now I want you to look at your lifestyle the same way.

Is there anything blocking, or prolonging you from your utmost potential?

  • Don’t just read the question, and skip it.

Really think about it. Most people believe that if they had a lot of money, it would solve most to all of their problems. The first misconception of this statement is the word “If.” Thought processes like these make money hard to attain.

Don’t you agree?

The second misconception of this statement are the words, “Would Solve.” Money can’t solve emotions, and it can’t make a person whole. Money is something that generates, and shouldn’t be abused with these types of thought processes.

With that being said, when your mindset PROLONGS, so does your actions. This is why I asked, “What’s blocking you from your utmost potential?” Half of the time, we hold ourselves accountable for this, and don’t even know it.

You’re your biggest threat.

Whether you know it or not. There is no problem with wanting to be financially stable. I’m not knocking that, but you must put in the work. Saying something is one thing, but doing it actually counts for something.

Your life COUNTS for something. Stop feeling hopeless like you don’t have a place in this world. Make this year your “Comeback,” for any and everything you want. You’re unstoppable!

Believe it.

When you come against trying times in life, remember “What” and “Who “you’re doing it for. Be strong in all that you do. This is what will keep you up, even when you feel like giving up.

I have to share something with you…

When I first started my blog, I had the intention to motivate, and move people. At the start, no one knew who I was. I would write feasible material that wouldn’t be read.

No lie, I was upset, but it didn’t stop me from writing. Each morning, I’d make it my duty to write, because it’s something I love to do. When I rearranged my THOUGHT process, and kept writing, views began to skyrocket.

I say all this to say,


The more you work, the more that results will show. Trust me on this.

It’s NOW or NEVER!

You are graced with one life, please make it count for something!

Know that I love you, and pray for nothing but the best. Always remember that you’re more than conquerors, and that your P.M.B is a representation of you!






and I’m out!






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