Know Your Worth

What’s up guys, it’s Paige Starks the Enlightener here! I hope you all are well.


Have you ever wondered how much you’re worth?

Please, don’t take this in a negative way, but actually think about it, in terms of abundance. It wasn’t until I turned 23, that I fully understood my worth. Knowing your worth shows mental growth, which creates physical energy to move through you. That physical energy is then transpired to go over, and beyond for your success. If you are uncertain of your worth, now is the time to know.

Don’t go another day without knowing, because if you think less of yourself, that’s what you’ll believe here on out. On the other hand, if you know your worth, let it be fully known. Most times we can know of our potential, and it still won’t show. I’m not telling you to go up to people, and tell them your worth. No at all. Your worth should reflect on how you view yourself, and everything around you. When you become clear of that, you’ll understand the value that you possess.

It’s so important to understand your worth guys. This world is a cruel place, and the way you present yourself, is certainly how people will treat you. Believe me. I’ve encountered many situations, to where people have underestimated my potential, and what I’m capable of doing. Life is certainly a learning experience. This something we all can attest too!

So as you awake each morning, understand your purpose, because that defines your worth. Get to know yourselves a little more. This will make a huge difference in daily actions executed. Keep those heads lifted, and continue to be great! You’re so close to what God wants for your life. I believe it, because I believe in you!

Know that I love you, and hope for nothing but the best. Always remember that you’re more than conquerors, and that your P.M.B is a representation of your self-image!









and I’m out!









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