The Power Of Knowledge

What’s up guys, it’s Paige Starks the Enlightener here! I hope you all are well, and ready for the day.

Everyday you wake up, there is something new and different to learn from. By paying attention to certain things around you, can really create a dynamic learning experience. I know this for a fact, because even school systems can’t take part in it. As people we’re tricked to believe that we must go to school in order to make loads of cash. In reality, school brings in partial knowledge, and also major debt. Now, I’m not saying that everyone should drop school altogether, but to actually expand more knowledge.

By the time I got out of college, I learned so much about different ways of income, that I decided to investigate it more. It’s like the power of adequate investments, can really do a bank account good. This is also something that I hadn’t learned in college, but this isn’t the only valuable thing out there. I know you see people on YouTube videos who make substantial amounts of money, and I’m not talking about the illegal ways either. Consulting is really what’s CLUTCH now.

Check it out on google, and see what I mean.

Guys, expand your knowledge and open your mind up to new things. You’d be surprised at how long certain things have been around. Truthfully, those things are structured that way for a reason, because everybody isn’t focused on what can build, and add to their lives. Today on out, I want you to pay attention to what’s around you. Learn the importance of expansion, and continue to do it each day.

Make it a habit!

Let me tell you something really quick…

The most important thing to know in this life is your PURPOSE. Please be aware of that. Each morning you wake, there should be a “Why” routed, and grounded in your mind. Life is about much more than living. Understand your place in this world, and take off. You have the power to do, and learn anything you want in this world. Make it count for something!

Be GREAT, and continue to LEARN along the way.

Know that I love you guys, and pray for nothing but the best. Remember that you’re more than conquerors, and that your P.M.B is a representation of your self-image!










and I’m out!








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