You Must Have Ambition!

What’s up guys, it’s Paige Starks the Enlightener here! I hope everyone is doing fantastic today. T.G.I.F! The weather is beautiful here in Chicago. This sunshine is giving me so much life right now!

Check this!

As Persistently Made individuals, it’s imperative that we have AMBITION. Success isn’t truly SUCCESS, if it isn’t carried at all times. If you wake up each morning with a burning desire to work hard, then you already have yourself prepared. Then again, if you think things will just come to you in due time, your ambition for success is already lost. Yes, I said LOST! You can’t be GREAT from WANTING things in life. If it were that way, we’d all be slugs, because we wouldn’t understand the VALUE of hard work, and determination.

Real talk!

We’d just have a boat load of money to spend frivolously. Real deal! If success is what you’re really after, you must have AMBITION! Everyone in life has a “Why.” Let it reflect in your daily lifestyle. Understand that ambition is something that you feel on the INSIDE, which partakes on your physical HUNGER for success. No one can ever give it, nor take it away from you! If you BELIEVE that you have the POWER to do anything, go the distance to fulfill what you’re after! Guys you must go HARD at all times, even if no one believes in you. Negativity lingers VERY strong. Don’t allow it to hit you. Continue to be strong, and have the faith within yourself!

I believe in you..

Understand that no one has your DYNAMIC capability. Remember that. Out of billions of  people in this world, God made YOU uniquely different. So as you go about each day, grow to learn more of yourself, and take CHARGE of you success. You can be anything you want in this world. Take that into you advantage! When you feel like giving up, think of all the hard work, and time you put into it. Then ask yourself this, “Did I do it all, just to turn back now?” Sometimes we must stop in our tracks, just to get on board again. Whoever said that the road toward success was easy? I’d love to know of just one voice whose said it!

You’ve got this guys..

  • Keep at what you’re doing, and remember that AMBITION is a key factor towards your success.

Know that I love you, and pray for nothing but the best. Understand that you’re more than CONQUERORS, and that your (P)ersistently (M)ade (B)ehavior is a representation of your self-image.





Blessings & Peace,











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