Stay Tuned..

What’s up guys, it’s Paige Starks the Enlightener here! I hope you all are doing great this rainy FRIDAY.

STAY TUNED for what?

You may be wondering..

It’s very IMPORTANT to know, that ALL of the WORK you put FORTH each day isn’t in VAIN. I know that as days pass by, it can seem a LITTLE dreading, or even a LOT DREADING . The importance of each DAY, is KNOWING that you’re just STEPS away from your SUCCESS. You have to look at things from a DIFFERENT PERSPECTIVE, when following the MOTION of your WORK ETHNIC. It’s IMPERATIVE to know, that each day of you being DILIGENT will either be, REWARDED or REDEEMED. Then again if you’re LAZY with being DILIGENT, everyday for you will be WASTED.

Got it?

Now, if you’re already WORKING HARD, it should be memorized SOLID in your MIND to NEVER GIVE UP. Like I said before, days can and will SEEM dreadful, but it’s important to VIEW them from a DIFFERENT PERSPECTIVE. Have you ever just thought, “If I hang in there just a little bit longer, I will have victory!” Most times as people, we feel as if we don’t SEE results right away, then we’ve FAILED to MEET our common goal(s). Right? Been there, and done that! You can’t give up halfway through the process. It’s just like being in a competition to run, and when other people pass you up, you then GIVE UP. If you want to THRIVE in this world, you must LEARN to THRIVE in your MIND, and physical ACTIONS.

Real talk!

SUCCESS will NEVER be handed to you. You MUST work hard to understand what REAL success is. Place it in your mind to STAY TUNED for the BLESSINGS that are on the way. Understand that EVERYTHING happens for a reason. When it’s your time to BLOOM and SHINE, you will. Don’t RUSH or GIVE UP the process of obtaining your success. You are, all you’ve got! NO ONE is going to WORK like you will, or WANT what you VALUE out of your LIFE! Starting ACCEPTING each day as the STEPS closer to your VICTORY! Have FAITH in yourself that you can make a POWERFUL CHANGE in the WORLD. Don’t ever think that it’s IMPOSSIBLE, because it’s VERY POSSIBLE!

You got this!

You’re so UNIQUE, and TALENTED. Remember that! Don’t LIMIT yourself from your own GREATNESS. I know sometimes, you may want to THROW in the towel, but HOLD off from that. STAY TUNED for the blessing(s) to come. Every HARDSHIP is just another LESSON LEARNED. Grow strength to understand that while TREADING your journey. The PATH to your GREATNESS is CLOSER than you think. CONTINUE to HANG TIGHT, and keep your PURPOSE held HIGH!

Know that I love you, and pray for nothing but the best. Understand that you’re more than conquerors, and that your (P)ersistently (M)ade (B)ehavior is a representation of your self-image!





Blessings & Peace







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