How “On it” Are You?

What’s up guys, it’s Paige Starks the Enlightener here! I hope you all are having a cozy evening.

When I talk to you, I’m always encouraging your SUCCESSES, but TODAY I want to know how BAD is it, that you’ll THRIVE in order to be SUCCESSFUL? I’m NOT talking about the average Monday-Friday routines, where everyday is NOTHING but LONG WORK weeks, and TIRESOME behavior. I’m talking about the STRONG MINDED whom PERSEVERE, and understand the meaning of HARD WORK. These are the individuals who can WEATHER TRAGIC STORMS, and still find the way to BREAK THROUGH!

Is this you?

I MUST know in order to understand how “ON IT” you are. You can’t truly be SUCCESSFUL without a JOURNEY, where you aren’t gaining INTELLECTUAL KNOWLEDGE. Each day that you wake up, is something NEW and DIFFERENT to LEARN. Real talk! If you don’t  believe me, it’s really time to WAKE UP. Your routine in life should NEVER stick to the SAME things that you’re COMFORTABLE with. I mentioned this in a previous blog, “We as people are too okay with COMFORT.” We like to STAY there because it’s something that we’re used too. Being SUCCESSFUL gets VERY UNCOMFORTABLE, and if a STRONG MIND isn’t placed to WEATHER the HARD WORK, no SIGNIFICANCE will show for DYNAMIC RESULTS.

I’m just saying..

So, “How ON IT are you?” SUCCESS isn’t given to the WEAK, but the STRONG, and HUMBLE. Everyday should only be given 1,000. Nothing more, and nothing less! Real talk! Each day now, someone is CHANGING the WORLD  because of their God-given gifts. They’re doing what they LOVE, and are getting BANK for it. As people we MUST understand that we won’t get far in life, by doing things that don’t SATISFY us. Hear me out on this. TRUE SUCCESS doesn’t make you ANGRY, or REGRETFUL of the DECISIONS you’ve CHOSEN to make. Your SUCCESS is the FOUNDATION of your TRIUMPH!

Just keeping it 1,000..

Everything that a SUCCESSFUL person has ever worked for, underlines the GREATNESS that they’re due. So LEARN to EMBRACE your God-given gifts. Everything that you’re doing in life shouldn’t be a STRUGGLE. You deserve to have ALL that your heart sets out for. STOP holding yourself back because of FEAR, and COMFORT. Understand that it’s okay to MESS UP. We’ve all done it! Keep your VISION CLOSE and EXECUTE DAILY. This is what really shows how “ON IT” you’ll be!

  • Keep THRIVING, and putting forth a set work ethnic. TRUE success lies within you, if only you BELIEVE it to be true. Let’s say this together, “I will MODEL what true success looks like.” 

Know that I love you, and pray for nothing but the best. Understand that you’re more than conquerors, and that your (P)ersistently (M)ade (B)ehavior is a representation of your self-image!





Blessings & Peace,










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