It’s Alright to FAIL..

What’s up guys, it’s Paige Starks the Enlightener here! I hope you guys are staying warm, because so much snow has hit Chicago, and let me just say, it isn’t pretty!

As I was in my Toastmaster’s program, I couldn’t stop thinking about this ONE thing. You know how we as people can be so MOTIVATED to go that EXTRA mile, and when it DOESN’T pay off go, we GIVE UP, and automatically BELIEVE that we’re FAILURES. Why is it that we DISCONNECT so much from our own CAPABILITIES? It’s like we’re the WORST CRITIQUES amongst ourselves, but WANT better within our SUCCESSES and LIFESTYLES. We MUST place it in our minds to understand that FAILURE is simply a LESSON, that should PREVENT us from making the SAME error(s).

That’s all it is..

When FAILURE strikes, just BOUNCE back from it. Real talk! By keeping up your effort to THRIVE, FAILURE becomes less INTIMIDATING. Think about it. The more that you GRIND, and situate your MIND for GREATNESS, failure has NO space to disrupt your MOTION. Learn from your FAILURES, and keep it moving! You have NO TIME to feel down in the dumps, about things you have NO CONTROL over. Find your STRENGTH to press on. How many times have you ever just said something POSITIVE about yourself? Think it through, because practicing this type of habit BUILDS a SOLID foundation for yourself!

Just keeping it 1,000..

I know that life gets TUFF, and makes you feel lost. I’ve been there, but the BIG DIFFERENCE is that I made the CHOICE to MOVE PAST it. Will you? Do NOT allow yourself to just up, and QUIT! You aren’t a LOSER! In fact my friend, you’re a WINNER. So keep that stored in your mind. Continue to press towards the mark, and NEVER give up. Anything is ALWAYS possible, if you BELIEVE it to be TRUE! Start ENCOURAGING yourself more, and SEE the GREATNESS within! Keep GRINDING, and NEVER allow your FAILURES to predict your SUCCESS.

I’m ROOTING for you!

Be all that you can be, and CHANGE the world! I know that you can, and will. There is no doubt in my mind about it. VICTORY is sure to come to you. Remember that, and NEVER think otherwise. You’ve got this, because God has you. Real talk! Now repeat after me, “My FAILURES don’t make me, but my BRILLIANCE does!”

Know that I love you, and pray for nothing but the best. Understand that you’re more than conquerors, and that your (P)ersistently (M)ade (B)ehavior is representation of your self-image!




Blessings & Peace,






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