I Represent Real Life, How About You?

What’s up guys, it’s Paige Starks the Enlightener here! I hope you all are having a great day today.

What really has my focus is, how society is structured to DEPICT life, as something of PERFECTION in a four-cornered box. Meaning that in order to be predominately successful, one must maintain without interfering with “Real life” issues. This is really how society wants us to be, but just because we have DIFFERENT adversities, doesn’t mean that we can’t be HIGHLY successful! It’s now the time, to STOP hiding from who you are, and EMBRACE the person you’ve become. We’ve all gone through our set of battles, but within them all lies PERSONAL GROWTH, STRENGTH, and STABILITY. Think about it. There were times when you’ve felt like certain situations would NEVER change, but in due time they did, didn’t they? You got through MOST to all situations, because you LEARNED to shift AWAY from them. Your MIND positioned you to MOVE past your adversities.

This is why it’s VERY possible to be successful, even while facing the realities of life. I DON’T ever want you to think that you don’t deserve BETTER! You may have weathered MANY storms, but it doesn’t mean that you’re less than yourself. What am I ALWAYS saying on every blog that I post? “You’re more than Conquerors.” Keep this in your HEART, and more so in your MIND. That way you can put it to MEMORY each day that you OPEN your EYES. NEVER let LIFE get the BEST of you. You’re to ALWAYS get the BEST out of your life!  Remember that. Your JOURNEY is what sets you APART from other people. There is SIGNIFICANT VALUE in the person that you are. So never be ASHAMED of yourself, nor the journey you’ve taken. FORGET how society DEPICTS you, and create your own EMPIRE!

Just keeping it #1,000..

You MUST learn to appreciate everything that life has placed you with. I’m not saying that you rejoice for life’s adversities, but understand the IMPORTANCE of how it’s shaping your GROWTH, and MATURING your mind. So let’s keep that in mind from this day on out. Continue to GRIND and be GREAT. Let NOTHING stand in the way of that, including yourself. You are only GRACED with one life, and you want to be able to live that to the FULLEST. Remember, SETBACKS are purposed for major COMEBACKS. Guys, keep going HARD for your SUCCESS, and never FORGET your VISION. I guarantee it’ll all pay off when you least expect it.

  • Until then, keep pressing through. I BELIEVE in you guys to do PHENOMENAL things. I’m VERY sure that you will, because with God, anything is possible. He’ll never leave, nor forsake you. Now say this to yourself, “I represent REAL LIFE with a PURPOSE to thrive!”

Know that I love you, and pray for nothing but the best! Understand that you’re more than conquerors, and that your (P)ersistently (M)ade (B)ehavior is a representation of your self-image. Also, feel free to LIKE, COMMENT, or even SHARE any of my blogs that you agree with. Thanks much!





Blessings & Peace,










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