Happy Resurrection Sunday

What’s up guys, it’s Paige Starks the Enlightener here!

I pray that you have an AWESOME day! God has given us yet another chance to breathe. That’s joy by itself alone. Right? When you really think about it, God has blessed our lives in tremendous ways! Out of many of our adversities, God still places a hedge of protection around us all.

Keeping it #1000..

As we spend time with our families today, let us also be mindful of Jesus as well. Okay? Now go enjoy yourselves, and remember to put a SMILE on your faces! There are many people in the world, who would love being with their families, but can’t due to certain circumstances. So just be mindful.

With that being said, I’ll be traveling to DeKalb, IL to be with my family. I’m thrilled to see everyone, because we don’t see each other on a daily basis. I plan on taking LOADS of pictures today, and I will place them on my page for YOU to VIEW, if you find yourself surfing the net. Feel free to place a picture of you, and your family in the COMMENTS section of this blog!

That’s if you’d like too..

Know that I love you, and pray for nothing but the BEST! Understand that you’re more than conquerors, and that your (P)ersistently (M)ade (B)ehavior is representation of your self-image!

Have a Blessed Resurrection Sunday from Paige Starks The Enlightener 💫





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