Still, I Grind!

What’s up guys, it’s Paige Starks the Enlightener here!

I messed up..

Yesterday, I thought I’d get out to tackle some things, and BROKE a bone in my ankle. All I could do was scream. What a nasty fall, right?

I know!

Through the pain, I’m still focused on my presentation at the American Bar Association. I know it sounds CRAZY, but when you DISCOVER your PASSION, or SKILL, you have to make things happen. Real talk! There’s no such thing as QUITTING, because your DETERMINATION should be well structured. One thing we MUST understand in life is, that LIMITING ourselves pushes us further away from our success.

I’m not saying that you forget about your health, but have enough strength in your MIND to understand, that you have the POWER to overcome! I even show you this through me. You know my journey, and for those of you who don’t, I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis at 14 yrs. old. Then, I was raped on my college campus, and survived from living in the hood of Chicago.

If I can fight MS daily, deal with being raped, and survive from living in the hood, you can definitely press though. This is why I’m CONSTANTLY letting you know, that you’re not your life’s adversities. They DO NOT represent who you are! So start practicing these words, because your life shouldn’t down fall from the trials you’ve gone through.

Just keeping it #1,000..

You too, can have VICTORY if you just BELIEVE it. Although, I don’t know what’s presently going on with you, I do know that you’re STRENUOUS! You’ve faced the harshest storm(s), and got through. You just have to see PAST the pain, and get to where you want to be in life. Don’t ever think that it’s impossible to do, because it isn’t! Please, don’t trip off of ANY money right now. I know it can be a HUGE issue, but it will come in due time. Try learning to use your resources first. There are tons of things online, and in your community that can help you out.

Trust me..

Things that have helped me along the way were, NETWORKING, READING, asking for MENTORSHIP, and having PERSISTENCE. I’ve even had the pleasure of networking with many millionaires, and NEVER in my life would I have thought of myself doing it. I believe that if your passion of doing something is strongly there, you’ll learn to make a way out of no way at all. Real talk!

  • As it being Saturday, find a way to still grind. There are no off days when you’re trying to reach the highest peak in your life. Keep this in mind daily, when you feel like giving up. Keep thriving! You’ve got this.

Remember that..

Know that I love you, and pray for NOTHING but the best! Understand that you’re more than conquerors, and that you are so much MORE, than what life has dealt you with!




Blessings & Peace,





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