What Do You Do It For?

What’s up guys, it’s Paige Starks the Enlightener here!

I hope you all are doing splendid today.

There is something that I NEED to know..

Why do you aim to be successful? Think about it, because if your answer isn’t significant, it just may HURT you later down the road. Not that I’m trying to SCARE you away from the finer things in life; just making sure your MIND is on track! For instance, if MONEY is all that you see down the road to becoming successful, you’ll FAIL! A smart mind knows that KNOWLEDGE, is most IMPORTANT before the accumulation of money. Therefore, if you’re IGNORANT of knowing, it can hurt money before you even touch it.

Just keeping it #1,000..

Your WHY of aiming for success should stand out, and have significant meaning. Everything that you’re doing right now, should be done in a way that represents it. Real talk! I need you to understand this while on your journey to becoming successful. Your main FOCUS should be directed towards your SKILL. Whatever you’re an expert at, that’s what needs the most attention. Even if you’re the BOMB at something, you want to ENHANCE it in a number of ways to help yourself STICK out! You do want to be remembered for something, right? I know.

Right now, I need you to analyze your WHY, and put it to memory. If you’re already on track for your success, I salute you. In no shape, or form is this meant to discourage anybody. There are certain things that just take TIME. Allow me to get off track for a moment. During my four years in college, I LOVED English. I took it on as my major, and excelled greatly within it. Now, once my senior year came, I had few options to select from career-wise. I didn’t really want to take on the role as a teacher or editor, but most would agree that teaching/editing was for me. It was until I got out of college that I discovered my WHY. Speaking happened to be my PASSION. So I made use of my God-given gift. The point that I’m trying to help you understand is that things won’t happen when you want them too. In fact, it comes when a solid foundation found.

With that being said, aiming for success should have a meaningful PURPOSE. Being successful is a life changing thing that we all want, but if we’re ignorant of our WHY, we’ll NEVER get to it. Learn to structure your mind with knowledge, meditation, and stability. I guarantee that you’ll do just fine. One thing I do recommend is, taking the time to understand WHY you want, or long to be successful. Haste makes waste. I’d rather you be safe than sorry! You feel me? So keep GRINDING, and continue being the person you were destined to be. I know it can get hard as hell, but the importance of it all is that you stay FOCUSED.

There is a light at the end of the tunnel..

Know that I love you, and pray for nothing but the BEST! Understand that you’re more than a conqueror, and that your life’s adversities don’t reflect who you are! Feel free to COMMENT, LIKE, or even SHARE anything you agree with. I promise I won’t bite!




Blessings & Peace,




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