Stop Accepting Knick Knacks!

What’s up guys, it’s Paige Starks the Enlightener here!

Why is that we accept EVERYTHING that life throws at us? Think about it, because I don’t think that we think about it enough. Yet, we want to PROSPER, and gain SOLID abundance within our lives. Accepting everything in life, is like accepting a lifetime supply of handouts. Tell me, why on earth is this okay? Now, this “Everything” I’m referring to is, job placement with MINIMAL pay, being satisfied with LOW income, sticking to WEAK relationships, exemplifying POOR networking skills, processing AVERAGE thoughts, and allowing experiences to HINDER all success. Everything that you just read above needs to be changed IMMEDIATELY!

Real talk!

We must MOVE from being okay with everything, to LEVELING up to our GREATNESS. Remember when I said, ” You’re powerful” I clearly meant just that! Everything that you want in life can be your reality. You won’t BELIEVE it right now, because you can’t SEE it right now. In order to do anything in this life, you must change how you VIEW things. If you want a better life, or even financial freedom, you MUST CREATE it!  Stop allowing the perils of life to restrain your future. You have the POWER to DOMINATE in whatever God has blessed you with! There is something phenomenal inside of you that will pave the way towards your VICTORY!

Believe it!

Instead of getting up each morning feeling out of character, do something different. Now, it’s going to feel out-of-place, but I guarantee it’ll gear your life for the better! Most of the time, FEAR is our STRONGEST set back. What’s even fearful is the fact that we’ll stay in an enclosed box, because it’s all that we see for ourselves. To avoid it all, get in tune with your life’s PURPOSE! Start seeking out all of the things that you want. Then apply it on paper. Make it a habit to read from daily! This will position your mind, and body to go after it! Stop living life average, and start living life RIGHTEOUS!

Just keeping it #1,000..

Today is 6/12/2017. Make the DECISION to get your life right. Stop allowing things that have no relevance to overtake you! From now on, I want you doing everything that your heart DESIRES! Point. Blank. Period. I’ve told you this before, “You’re only graced with one life.” That’s it! So make the best of it, and live on to shed light to somebody else. We live in a world where there’s more losses than VICTORIES! It’s time to change that number around, and get to work! I don’t know about you, but I want to WIN. I believe that every setback in life, requires a BREAKTHROUGH! So, I hope you’re claiming it in advance.

The choice is yours..

With that being said, know that I love you, and pray for nothing but the BEST! Understand that you’re more than a conqueror, and that your life’s adversities don’t even compare to your VALUE. Also, if you agree with any blog(s) posted here, feel free to interact with me. I promise not to bite.


Blessings & Peace,




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