What Would it Take?

What’s up guys, it’s Paige Starks the Enlightener here!

Hope that today is going marvelous for you!!

I need to ask of you this #1 question..

When you wake up each morning, “What is it that PUSHES you to get things done?”

Think through it, because it determines your ability to LEVEL UP, and take ACTION. When you place it in your mind to want success, you must understand everything that it involves, because if you don’t, then the quickest option will always be to QUIT. This is why most people FAIL within achieving SUCCESS. Things just get too HARD to manage. There should be something in your life, that PUSHES you to keep going, even when you HIT rock bottom. Remember when I said, “We are all placed with a God-given gift?” It’s past TRUE, because even with me saying it, there will ALWAYS be DOUBT about it.

Most people feel that they don’t have a God-given gift, that CAN earn them BIG cheddar! Have we really placed ourselves that low? This is why I’ve said that DOUBT will come against a TRUTH! Society has even structured the MIND to think, that one must have a job in order to consider themselves living. I use to think the same thing too, but I always wanted something MORE from life. I mean like, who wants to go to work everyday, have a harsh boss, and employees from hell. Not that I’m trying to knock anybody’s HUSTLE; I just knew that wasn’t something for me. Feel me?

Now, if you’re at a point in life, where you’re tired of being sick, and tired; I FEEL you! What needs to be understood is, you CONTROL how you WANT your life to be! This is why this blog is entitled, “What Would it Take?” Most times, we NEVER get the chance to STOP, and THINK about what we WANT for our lives. It’s CRAZY to say, but that’s what it boils down too. We allow adversities to BLOCK or POSTPONE our lives. Now that it’s out in the air, we need to address it. Okay? First and foremost,  we need to IDENTIFY our PURPOSE here on Earth. I’m going to let you know now, you won’t find it in a day, week, or month! Things like this take time.

Also, if you’re the type to be in a HURRY, then keep your day job. Real talk! Once we’ve IDENTIFIED our PURPOSE, we must FIGURE out a way that our God-given gift(s) can bring in INCOME. Don’t WORRY about what can go wrong, because it will in the PROCESS. I’ve found it HELPFUL to NETWORK with other individuals, who’ve conquered what I was longing to do. A website that I HIGHLY recommend is LinkedIn! You can find some of the GREATEST people to converse with. Real talk! Do note, some people may not get back to you in time, so make it your duty to send a morning email daily. It can get FRUSTRATING, but the key is to NEVER GIVE UP!

Got it?

Once you’ve fulfilled both tasks, you MUST get out there! You can send as many emails you’d like, but it starts to get redundant if you aren’t doing other things, to get yourself noticed or recognized. Like I said, you MUST have something that keeps you going, or else you’ll FAIL. Whatever it may be; make sure that it is SIGNIFICANT, and STRONG! One of many things that keep me going, is the fact that I have MS, and how society negatively addresses people with it. For instance, making certain statements about things people like me can’t do; walking, running, having a great life, etc. All of these things mentioned, make me GO HARDER towards what I WANT for my life. It even enables me eat healthier, focus my mind, workout, and be empowered! Just because I have the disease, doesn’t mean that it has control over my life.

Feel me?

  • When you make it up in your mind to DOMINATE, nothing can hold you back. I encourage you to find your purpose, and gain leverage over your life. Just because you can’t see success right now, doesn’t mean that you’ll never have it. Always structure the mind to believe in even the things that seem impossible.

Know that I love you, and pray for nothing but the BEST! Understand that you’re more than a CONQUEROR, and that your life’s adversities don’t stand a chance at your GREATNESS! Feel free to comment, like, recommend, s/o, or even share anything you agree with.


Blessings & Peace,






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