Let Us Not Forget

What’s up guys, it’s Paige Starks the Enlightener here!

Although today is a holiday, we must not forget about our success. I HATE to be the party spoiler, but if we intend to be GREAT, our time should reflect our daily actions. Don’t get me wrong, holidays are wonderful, but they don’t compensate checking, or savings accounts. At this time, your mind should be FOCUSED on what matters most, and that’s your ability to SUCCEED!

Real talk!

Let me SHARE something with you briefly. I had emailed literally EVERY magazine editor I could think of. Reason being, I knew of my potential as a speaker, and how much I could inspire people. For many months, none of my emails had a single reply. So, it enticed me to send out more! Some would probably call me crazy, but when your on a mission to SUCCEED, nothing else really matters!

Don’t you agree?

It was PERSISTENCE that allowed me to keep sending those emails, and it was DETERMINATION that benefited me in the end! One editor in particular seen my GREATNESS, and even set out to speak with me. As of today, I’m scheduled on July. 24th for my article to be POSTED on the MS Connection webpage! It in fact was a LONG, and HECTIC process, but it PAID off!

You see, while everybody was celebrating, and turning up– I was working HARD to get CLOSER to my success. Even now, I’m still PUSHING to accomplish more, because I haven’t made my MARK yet. If SUCCESS is something you’re after, you’ve got to WAKE UP! Nothing will EVER place you where you need to be in life, except you! You’ve got to understand, TIME is of the essence! The longer you HOLD back from yourself, is the further that success will be!

Just keeping it #1,000.. 

Every morning, I get up GRINDING! There isn’t a day where I’m not BETTERING myself. You guys know of my journey. I’m a black woman who CONQUERED many battles, and just never ALLOWED it to get the BEST of me! You’ve got to STOP allowing life to get the BEST of you, and GET ON YOUR BUSINESS. It’s okay to SHUT OUT certain things, and pay ATTENTION to yourself! You only get ONE LIFE TO GET IT RIGHT!

Are you hearing me?

Your FUTURE is counting on you! You were intended for GREATNESS, so OWN UP TO IT! What possibly do you have to lose? I’ll wait, because there is something INCREDIBLE inside of you! You just have to SEE it for yourself, and BELIEVE in the person you were DESTINED to be! Say this with me, “I’m more than a CONQUEROR, and I too can SUCCEED!”

Remain humble..

Know that I love you, and pray for nothing but the BEST! Understand that you’re more than a conqueror, and that your life’s adversities, don’t stand a chance against your AWESOMENESS!


Blessings & Peace,






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