Paige A Starks is a Motivational Speaker, Blogger, and ABA Toastmaster who excelled from the dangerous streets of Chicago. While having (M)ultiple (S)clerosis at 14 Years old, Ms. Starks thrived within her educational studies, and attended The Apostolic Church of God weekly. Although Ms. Starks was raped during her sophomore year at Lincoln University MO, while losing her only friend to gun violence, and unable to walk, talk, or eat due to her condition. Ms. Starks was still able to press on; Continuing her coursework, instructing an English 101 class, and also completing her portfolio to graduate. As an Alumni member of LU, Ms. Starks is a member of Sigma Tau Delta, and within the Lincoln Arts and Letter Lit. Journal Spring 2016. Ms.Starks has also told her “God Story” to over 200 people, at the Apostolic church of God. This is also available within the bookstore of the Apostolic Church of God. Ms. Starks believes that with the right amount of persistence, anything possible can be done in life. If she could do it at 23; anybody can do it!



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