Mission Statement:

Here at Paige Starks Enlightens, lives are transformed beyond major setbacks, to instill persistence while obtaining the overflow of success. The “Persistently Made,” are the victors towards prosperous successes.

    Vision Statement: 

 My vision for Paige Starks Enlightens is to not only impact numerous lives, but to instill “Persistently Made” behavior. Why is that important? It is in fact important, because without persistence, there wouldn’t be a legitimate reason to succeed in life. Every curve ball thrown, will not only destroy dreams, but crush future aspirations as well. When you can withstand life’s downfalls, while humbly obtaining success; You will have then met the model of a “Persistently Made” individual. I speak 100% for myself, and my business here at Paige Starks Enlightens. Once you make your first step to being “Persistently Made,”not only will you exemplify persistent behavior, but you will unleash the greater you!